H&M Display

I have always loved H&M, because I can get runway fashion but fast and in a more wearable way. H&M know how to place items on it’s floors from socks to jackets it always thought about thoroughly and in the best INTEREST of the customer. Before I even walk into the store I look at their window display to see if anything catches my eye. At least one thing always does, this is why I try not going near the store unless I have a couple hours to shop and money to spend…lol…Now if I find an item I like in the window display, I go in ask where I can find (sales people are always helpful), when I find it I check the price and the fiber content. I have been doing this since my college days; I really have no idea why. Anyways once I get and the price is good I stand there and look across the store and if they have an upstairs. If there is an upstairs I start there, then work my way down.

As I go through the store I always find the best displays inside as well. They always seem to catch my attention either with a funky hairdo on the mannequin or with animals mixed in. I am never let down with their displays. So as I walked through the store one display really caught my attention and not because of a crazy hairdo or animal, but because how damn good looking the mannequin was dressed. I mean this display was spot on. From head to toe every item was really thought of and placed well (below is the picture). After looking at the display I realized the reason I like it so much and why it worked so well. From the pieces picked to the location (it was front and center to the rest of the clothing) as soon as you saw an item you liked it was easy enough to find. H&M always does this, if you see an item on display it usually isn’t that hard to find.

With this man’s display I found the jacket and paints within a few searches of the many different racks. This is another great reason H&M displays always work, because they don’t place items on display then make you search for it for a long while just so you will hopefully buy more. This doesn’t work on me if I have to really work to find an item on display I usually get frustrated and leave. As for the sales racks these are always placed in places where you need to look for them and they are usually through the full priced stuff on the other side. This is because they want you too look at the full priced stuff first in hopes you buy that instead of a discounted item. However, this again never works on me because I know to keep my eyes locked on the sale sign and not let it move away from, otherwise my wallet will be empty before I know it.

Remember always go to the sales racks first and do that shopping because you may find items similar to the ones at full priced, but you won’t need to pay full price for them. Try to shop top to bottom or back to front this helps you to be able to look across the store to the doors and helps you leave quicker. Also remember to spend cash not use a card this way it is more real of what you have to spend.



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