Now, I want to warn you that this is not the over-sized clutch from the earlier post this is a separate one. I created the fabric print with tape and paint. Then I sewed it together by hand since it was all simple construction. Below is the finished product along with the production cost and what it would cost for it to be sold.

Striped Clutch

Items Quantity Price
½ yard of fabric painted ½ yard $       2.50
Tape 3 feet $       1.25
Paint ½ Can $       1.50
Needle 1 $       .20
Thread 1 yard $       .10
Hourly Wage ½ hour $       4.50
Total   $    10.05
20% Profit   $      2.01
Total Cost + Profit   $       12.06
Estimated retail price   $       18.00



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