Production Standards

I love jeans they are my favorite item of clothing I can own. If I could have a job where I could wear skinny jeans everyday I would do it in a heartbeat. Then again I could always start my own business…lol…But lets get to the real point of this post.

Though I love skinny jeans and many different brands, I am annoyed with the fact that all jeans don’t fit the same. I strongly believe that each brand should stick to one standard of sizing that way it is easier for women to know their size. I know we as women can guess which size from which brand will fit, but we shouldn’t have to guess form brand to brand. It also gets under my skin when one brand has different sizing for different jeans. I know that some fabrics stretch more than others, color, patterns, and the process of how it is made all plays a factor, but how is that the same brand similar jeans fit so differently.

Sooooo I am a size, well it varies from brand to brand. H&M I can wear a size 30 in some jeans and 33 or 34 in others. With LC Lauren Conrad I can wear  a size 10 in some items then a size 12+ in other items. I do understand how production works but it is still frustrating that I have to go through so much to find a good pair of jeans. I think jeans and clothing should be one standard size for all. Having to go through the process of feeling good when you walk into the dressing room and then realizing you went up two sizes because of a different brand makes (I know at least for me) feel so low. I find it odd that similar styles like skinny jeans or even flare jeans fit differently from within the same brand and different brands alike.

In the top left picture I am wearing LC Lauren Conrad jeans which were a little tight (even though I have two other jeans in her brand that were not tight), but since I lost the inches they fit a lot better. In the top right picture I am wearing Ralph Lauren Jeans, which I actually just got last Saturday for an early birthday gift. They fit a little tight, but now that they have been washed and I have worn them a couple times they are perfect. In the picture below the top right, I am again wearing a pair of LC Lauren Conrad jeans, which after a wash and some squats fit really well. And the big picture at the bottom I am wearing the same pair of jeans as the top left picture, but I am also wearing an LC Lauren Conrad Blazer, which I love. I have a similar blazer I got from H&M and it is a two sizes bigger than the one from H&M and is still a little tight around my arms, but I blame that on my workout.

In the past three months I have slowly lost weight and inches off my hips and waist, so when I still went up in a size of jeans it made me feel really down. No man or woman should fell bad about themselves when they try on clothes, but this still happens. Though I will continue to shop with my brands that I love, it doesn’t mean that I am still not a little disappointed with each brand I wear, for making it so hard to find the right fit. Even if the jeans I find fit a little tight I will buy them, stretch them out, and I will never ever dry them that way they stay that way.

If you find a brand you like and the clothes fit right stay with them for as long as you can, because good jeans in a good price range are hard to come by. Remember if the jeans are a little tight wash them, when they are wet stretch the places they are tight in, and then don’t dry them.


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