Parsons & Teen Vogue

I know most fashion girls/women have heard that The New School Parsons and Teen Vogue have teamed up to bring you one step closer to your fashion dreams. The team have created a school designed all online, so for those of you that are remote or not located in the US this is perfect for you.

I started this journey last year, but sadly had to take a break because I was at job that took most of my time. Since I recently moved to a small town, I decided to get back into it and finish this course. The reason I wanted to do this schooling was since I was not able to work in the fashion industry, I wanted to be able to continue my education and stay up-to-date with the fashion world.

At this point I am on course 2 which isn’t very far I know trust me I know, but I am almost done with this section. So far I have had to find items in the house that I could use to make my own accessories and fabric. I don’t live near any place that sells fabric or buttons or anything that has to do with fashion. So I used a pillow case I no longer use to make an awesome pattern on it and on another assignment (which I started today) I am using sticks to make an accessory.

The one thing I love about this school is that I can work on my school work while I am watching TV, cleaning the house, making dinner, etc…So if you want to be able to start or continue your fashion education I would say take the the dive spending less than 1000 dollars on school is the perfect amount to start or continue without breaking the bank. Plus you can make payments which is what I did, since I knew I was going to be buying a house it was the best decision for my situation. Never stop learning.

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