Working through the Books

Back in March I started living in a very small town in North Dakota. I could find work because the closest place with work is an hour and half away from me. So I decided to start learning again while I am out of work. I have gone back to work on my school work from Parsons & Teen Vogue University to get my certificate from there. And I have also started working my way through two new books “The Career Code” by Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power, “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso.

I have reached the half way point in both books. But lets start with Career Code. Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power have worked hard to get where they are and have built a business that words cannot describe. With this book it is everything I expected. So far I have learned what and how to put on a resume; much more detail than I did before I stared the book. The part of the book I already new is how to dress for the job you want. Being in fashion for over 5 years now I have learned the mistakes I made when going for an interview as well as the advantages of when I went for an interview. I also learned when and how to say what I am thinking on social media. Though we don’t always think of what we put I knew a while ago to be careful what you say and what you put out there, because once it is out there it stays out there.

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The Career Code

As for #GIRLBOSS, I really bond with Sophia Amoruso even though she has no idea of that fact. While reading half of her book so far I have discovered that we are very similar. Though I didn’t hitch hike, or live on the streets, I have always wanted to do something that meant a lot to me. I wanted the challenge of doing things the hard way rather than the easy. She left her home early on to live life as she saw fit, then decided after a close call with the law that she wanted something more. Though my close call with the law came when I was 17, I learned after that I gave up doing the same thing as Sophia (shoplifting). But she was smart when it came to shoplifting, but she was doing it to get money; I did it so I could have things I didn’t have money for. Though I am not proud of this part in my life I am glad I went through it because it made me realize I needed a change. This is very similar to Sophia and how she got started on her path to a dazzling owner of Nasty Gal.

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